Are you looking to extend the life of your capital investment?

Our equipment upgrade and retrofit programs are designed to bring your equipment up to current standards and today’s demands of reliability and efficiency.

You can have the best machine ever made, but due to age or lack of adequate maintenance, if it does not run efficiently, it is ultimately costing you time and money. No production plant can afford to lose either one of these valuable items. It is also not always financially feasible to purchase a new, more efficient machine.

NEM has designed upgrade and retrofit packages and options that can improve the efficiency of your existing older NEM machine.

To review upgrade and retrofit options for your equipment, contact our customer service department at (941) 755-5550, or fill out the form below for a quote.

Featured Upgrades and Retrofits

Improve Line Efficiencies:

  • HMI - Human Machine Interface
    • Stores ‘recipes’ for applications with numerous container changeovers.
    • Provides instant valuable diagnostic feedback for troubleshooting, such as faults, running state, and feed levels.
  • Stacklight
    • Provides an immediate visual (audible option available) indication of the machine’s status - running, shut off, emergency off, cycle stop, low level condition and more.
  • Motion Detector
    • Detects the container motion downstream to minimize gaps on your conveyor when recovering from a backlog condition. This is an invaluable option when there is limited space between equipment.
  • Two and Three Speed Control
    • Controls the slow down and ramp up speed of the NEM machine to match downstream line condition.
    • Allows the machine to slow down when downstream product starts to back up so it need not completely shut down, requiring a restart.
  • Electronic Bottle Flow Interruption Indicator
    • Stops machine when out of spec containers create a jam, preventing damage to wear parts and components.
  • Inspect/Reject Station
    • Utilizes various methods of inspection to detect down bottles, upside down bottles, containers without caps, caps without liners, etc. and reject them from the production line.
  • Hopper Low Level
    • Signals the operator to replenish components before the product level is too low to keep the production line moving.

Decrease Changeover Time

  • Adjustable Orienter Wheel
  • Minimum Tools Quick Change Feature
    • Speeds changeover utilizing quick releasing knobs in place of bolts that require wrenches.
  • Change Part Carts
    • Keeps change parts in a pre-designed cart for quick location and ease of storage.

Increase Maintenance and Plant Efficiency

  • Cluster Central Lubrication
    • Centralizes all the lubrication requirements to make maintenance quicker and easier.
  • Category 3 Interlocks
    • Upgrade interlocks on your machine to category 3, allowing you to stay up to date with your plant standards.

To review upgrade and retrofit options for your equipment, contact our customer service department at (941) 755-5550, or fill out the form below for a quote.

*Some upgrades may not be available on all models